1. Don’t you just hate it when you rewind an unused film all the way and can’t take the start of the film led out? to make things worse it happened last night and it’s a Kodak Professional Ultima 100. I’m gonna have to try and retrieve it later, I am starting to love film and this shouldn’t discourage me to stop


  2. On shooting with 135 film & unfinished projects

    Rant alert

    it’s been a week and I have been really silent here in my blog and no street photos since the last post. since the day I bought the Minolta Hi Matic F I have been shooting with it and decided to take off my hands on my digital cameras for a while, I finished my first roll a week ago and just finished my second roll yesterday (Lomochrome Purple). to review my experience on shooting with film I would say it is very very restrictive, I am forced to think more or else the shot is going to be a waste frame. I don’t have anything to review the images so it’s important to visualize before shooting, to be honest though I do not know how closely and what the 38mm looks like so I still don’t have an exact idea what the image will look like, I’ll definitely know after I have the rolls developed next month. on the other hand I am stressed on the side projects that we worked on last Saturday (not this weekend)

    to start of, the event was very unorganized and the celebrant (oh yes it’s a debut party) has an attitude, heck even the family except the Mother who I am closed with. I think I don’t have the right to speak of anything about it but it was just an exhausting project we’ve ever worked on plus we’re not actually earning a “big” income for that one. to add more stress two members of my team aren’t cooperating and the photos and video outputs are due this week, I had to process all the photos and those two aren’t complying to all the things we need and I am just the only one who is working at the moment, the photos that needs to be printed for the album hasn’t been started because the photos of the other photographer which is my cousin didn’t give me the outputs and he isn’t replying to my message. I mean fuck his work he has also a responsibility since you took the job and isn’t why we are called a “Production team”? we work together so we need to help each other but no you just had to ignore me and work myself alone and do the chore for you. I swear, this is the last project I’ll be working on with them. I’ll find better folks and build my own team who are dedicated for the things that we do. 

    I am also the one who will deliver the final outputs and meet the client, the reason for that is because my “Team” (oh fuck the team) thinks that since I am the one who are close to the client I should be the one to deliver the stuffs and since I am fucking unemployed I should be the one to do the job. fuck you and your mindset, you’re not even a Photographer you lazy shit. I’m done with you guys

  3. shooting with these soon! On the other other hand my desk needs some serious cleaning… #kodakUltima #kodak #filmisnotdead #timex #35mm #classic (at niftystreetshift.tumblr.com)

  4. In the beginning I was never really a fan of cameras and I hated it, even being photographed. things are different now though

    I have been wanting to start shooting analogue for quite some time now, I checked a local listing website to purchase secondhand goodies and I saw this little rangefinder. It’s a camera from the 70sand it’s pretty small, even smaller than my digital one (the Fujifilm X100) 

    pretty sure only folks who started with film are familiar with the names of Vivitar, Konica, Ricoh, Minolta, etc. most of them are actually inactive in the business of camera equipment, if I recall Sony acquired Minolta a few years ago. This little camera by the way is a Minolta Hi Matic F  

    all automatic except for focusing. it is a small rangefinder indeed, the only thing I have control on is the ASA (I suppose this is where I can adjust my ISO) I am not sure exactly what it affects / changes but it does something for the image exposure 

    I am quite happy with my purchase, it’s small and light and it’s working as if it was brand new. I am going to start shooting with it this coming Friday after we (me and my friends from Litratista sa DAAN) have our photos printed, you have no idea how excited I am to start rolling the streets with this little one! 

     I got those films from sanfranciscocamerastyle during the photowalks we had last July when he was still in Manila. It’s a Fuji C100 & a Lomochome Purple XR 100-400 

    the only thing I need to know is where to have my rolls develop & how much it will cost, I think this is going to be fun though. 

    happy shooting everyone! 

  5. " Guilt "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100

  6. " Halo hello "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100

  7. " Black is a color "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100

  8. " Untitled "

    Caloocan : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100


  9. When asked on deleting photos / accidentally deleted : quick tip

    I recently realized something very very dumb that I should have thought a long time ago

    us Street Photographers tend to experience a lot of things during the hunt, we see new stuffs, the unusual, the ordinary gone interesting, the beauty of slice of life. now all of us have been told off not to take photos of our subjects, we’ve all been asked to delete their photos and we all did what they wanted as a sign of courtesy and respect. we all have experienced accidentally deleting photos in our camera and especially the ones we love the most, it happens, not all the time but it’s very annoying when stuff like that happens.

    here’s a tip when shooting in the streets 

    scenario : 

    You take a photo of an old man and he reacted negatively and asked you to delete his photo 

    1st thought you will have in mind : delete the photo, no arguments and then move on 

    tip : what you have in mind is correct, do it and delete the photo.. BUT you can recover it through a recovering software later on. as long as you haven’t reformatted your SD card or your memory card it can still be recovered but not everything on a week will be recovered of course, the most recent will be though. 

    pretty neat, yes? it can come in handy too if you accidentally deleted a great photograph you love (not related to Street Photography) or a moment where you captured a photo but accidentally erased it. 

    I do not encourage Street Photographers to do this all the time, what I am trying to say is simple ; if you feel guilty of publishing a photo of your subjects that didn’t want it to exist in the first place (when you’re asked to delete it) please just don’t publish it, it’s alright to recover it and keep it to your contact sheets but just don’t publish it

    hopefully this will help somehow to people, it’s up to you if you will use it

    I won’t be naming any image recovering software as there’s Google for that but most of these tools are up for free. I’m sure some of you may have already know this but it doesn’t hurt sharing it, yeah? 

    happy shooting folks!

  10. " Untitled "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100

  11. The Father of Street Photography ; Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about ” The Decisive Moment “

    (Source: youtube.com)

  12. " Untitled "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100

  13. " Untitled "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100


  14. neilthedevil said: Awesome shots! Hope to see more from you. Have a nice day. :)

    Thank you mate! my day was awesome, hope yours went great too :)

  15. " Ninja "

    Quezon city : Philippines (2014) 

    Miles Photography 2014 / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X100